True, unified, digital commerce
is now here, with the product that
everyone is talking about

Universal Commerce brings together best of breed enterprise digital commerce softwares,
under one service, on any cloud, enabling true choice, flexibility and innovation.


Real freedom of choice

Universal Commerce enables innovation by offering clients the ability to deploy any Digital Commerce package on any Digital Experience Platform, with any add-on packaged software, on any cloud.

Accelerated time to value

With a true headless, microservices architecture, Universal Commerce enables businesses to accelerate migration from one package to another, at significantly less risk.

Total solution as one service

Universal Commerce, reduces the total cost of ownership for clients, while offering a single point of accountability simplifying the complexity around managing the Commerce ecosystem.

Universal Commerce was built for you

The open integration platform delivers for customers who are faced with any one or more of these business scenarios


Businesses upgrading the version of their Digital Commerce packages


Businesses migrating from one Digital Commerce package to another


Businesses looking to innovate and drive the Customer Experience


Businesses looking to move their Digital Commerce workloads to the cloud

“Fragmented data and solution offerings hinder the ability to deliver consistent, high quality experiences. Universal Commerce fixes that and brings the focus back to true customer centricity ”

Ross Collins, CDO Cnetric Global Inc.

“Now that microservices and hybrid cloud have arrived, we can deliver the solution our customers have been crying out for”

Manohar Durai, CEO Cnetric Global Inc.